Terms used in trade such as Off-Market ,Offshore ,Off-the-Grid,Oligopoly , Ombudsman,One-Stop etc.


The terms used in business such as Off-Market ,Offshore ,Off-the-Grid,Oligopoly , Ombudsman,One-Stop etc.


This post explains about terms used in business such as Occupational Hazard,Off-Balance Sheet,Offer Document,Off-Market ,Offshore ,Off-the-Grid,Oligopoly , Ombudsman,One-Stop etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


The terms used in business


Occupational Hazard - Aspects of a job which can be dangerous or pose a high risk of injury.


Occupational Psychology - Also called Organisational Psychology. The study of peoples behaviour at work, covering personal relations, mental health, employee selection and training, safety, etc.


Ocean bill of lading / Connaissement maritime :This is a contract for shipping goods by sea.


Ocean Bill of Lading - A document required for goods that travel across international waters.

The terms used in  business such as Off-Market ,Offshore ,Off-the-Grid,Oligopoly , Ombudsman,One-Stop  etc

Ochlocracy - Mob rule. Also known as Mobocracy. Ocholocratic groups are typically prone to extreme actions and not very clever decisions, which may be a reflection of vengeful motivation, weak intelligence, lack of organization, or any/all of these. An ochlocracy is usually an example of ineffective democracy, and of the so called 'wisdom of crowds' not working very well. Often mob rule results from a reaction against oppressive leadership. A popular metaphor which criticizes mob rule is: 'the lunatics have taken over the asylum'. Ochlocracy derives from the Greek word okhlos meaning mob. An ochlocrat is one who advocates or participates in mob rule. See the word mob, which is interesting in its own right.


OCS :Office of Charter Schools.


OECD / OCDE :The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development includes countries such as EU countries, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, etc. The main objective of the OECD is to study the economic situation and to help economically disadvantaged countries. The OECD also analyses the various restrictions linked to international trade.


Off-Balance Sheet - (OBS) Refers to items such as assets or a debts which are not recorded on a company's balance sheet.


Offer / Offre :Business proposal that is the basis of your Direct Marketing message.


Offer - an offer to contract must be made with the intention to create a legal relationship. It must be capable of being accepted, ie not containing any impossible conditions, must also be complete, ie not requiring more information to define the offer.


Offer By Prospectus - A description of a company, for example financial structure, prospects, aims, etc., used when new shares are offered to the public, or when the company is for sale.


Offer Document - A document which a prospective buyer of a company sends to the company's shareholders giving details of the offer in the hope of persuading them to sell their shares.


Offering Statement - In the United States, a shortened registration statement required by the Securities and Exchange Commission on debt issues with less than a 9-month maturity.


Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market / OHMI :Office for Harmonisation of the Internal Market.


Office Of Fair Trading - (OFT) In the UK, a non-ministerial government organisation, established in 1973, to protect consumers and ensure that competing businesses deal fairly, and to prohibit cartels, rogue trading, etc.


Official Settlements Balance - An overall measure of a country’s private financial and economic transactions with the rest of the world. Also known as overall balance.


Official Strike - A work stoppage by employees that has the backing and approval of a union.


Offline - Refers to a computer which is not connected to the Internet.


Off-Market - Refers to the buying and selling of shares outside the Stock Market.


Off-Network Access Line (Off-Net) - A facility leased by Sprint and used in common by customers to enter or exit the Sprint system. Off-Net is also known as switched service.


Off-Peak - A time period when a service, e.g. phone network, travel, electricity, gas, etc., is being used less frequently by consumers, therefore prices and rates are cheaper at this time.


Offset / Compensation :To balance something or compensate for something.


Offshore - Refers to accounts, investments, banks, etc., which are in countries where there are lower taxes and/or little government control.


Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs) - Offer little or no government interference in legitimate business and financial activities. In many cases, OFCs also offer very low or zero tax rates, and provide excellent communication facilities.


Off-the-Books - A payment which is not officially recorded, usually to avoid tax.


Off-the-Charts - Something way below or way above normal expectations.


Off-the-Grid - A person who does not wish to be in 'the system' (for example has no bank account, employment or tax identification, no fixed address, etc). May instead refer to a person who lives self-suffiently in terms of gas, electric, water, sewerage services, etc. Or someone not connected to the internet.


Off-the-Peg - Known in the US as Off-the-Rack. Describes merchandise, usually clothing, which is made in standard designs and sizes, rather than made-to-measure, and is available in stock at retail outlets.


Oligarchy - A small, elite group of usually wealthy people or families who control a government or organisation, and who are unwilling to share their power.


Oligopoly - A market dominated by so few sellers that action by any of them will impact both the price of the good and the competitors.


Ombudsman - A government official who investigates complaints from the general public about companies, government officials, the media, etc.


Omnishambles - severe chaos, typically in several areas of organizational responsibility, and typically where a person or organization is expected to be well-organized (see omnishambles in the cliches origins page).


On Board / On Board :On Board signifies "embarked". The words "on board" signify that the goods have been placed properly on board the aircraft or ship. This marking is almost indispensable for documentary credit.


One price Shop:One price shop is a type of retail shop where a large number and a variety of articles necessary for our everyday use are traded. The peculiarity of the shop is that the price of all the commodities dealt therein is one and fixed-irrespective of the nature and quality of the goods.


One-Stop - Describes a retail establishment which provides an extensive range of goods and services, so the customer can purchase everything they need without having to go elsewhere.


Online - Refers to a service or product which is available to use or buy on the Internet. A computer which is connected to the Internet.


On-Network Access Line (On-Net) - A facility which connects a customer location directly to the Sprint network for entrance or exit. On-Net is also known as dedicated service.


Onshore Accounts - Bank accounts or investments held in countries which have normal rates of tax and strict government control.


OPEC / OPEP :Organisation of Petrol Exporting Countries: An organisation gathering 13 oil-producing countries whose aim is to coordinate production and market prices.Open Top Container A freight container similar in all respect to a general purpose container except that it has no rigid roof but may have a flexible and movable or removable cover, for example one made of canvas or plastic or reinforced plastic material normally supported on movable or removable roof bows.


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Occupational Hazard,Off-Balance Sheet,Offer Document,Off-Market ,Offshore ,Off-the-Grid,Oligopoly , Ombudsman,One-Stop etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post.Terms used in trade such as Non-tariff Barrier,Normal Trade Relations, Nosedive,Notice Period ,Not-Spot,Nudge Theory etc.

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