Terms used in freight forwarding such as Alternate Routing ,anti dumping duty,Arbitrary ,Arrival Notice,arrival notice

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Terms used in freight forwarding such as Alternate Routing ,anti dumping duty,Arbitrary ,Arrival Notice,arrival notice etc,



This post explains about terms used in freight forwarding such as alongside, Alternate Routing ,anti dumping duty,Arbitrary ,Arrival Notice,ARRIVAL NOTICE,assessor,Airline Terminal Fee,Automated Clearinghouse,average adjuster etc.These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in freight forwarding


All Risks -The widest form of transportation insurance cover available. However, contrary to the term itself, it does not cover every risk. The loss or damage must be accidental in nature, and the term “all risks” excludes any loss and/or damage which is inevitable; such as caused by delay, inherent vice or insufficient packing.


Allotment:A share of the capacity of a means of transport assigned to a certain party, e.g. a carrier or an agent, for the purpose of the booking of cargo for a specific voyage.


Terms used in freight forwarding such as Alternate Routing ,anti dumping duty,Arbitrary ,Arrival Notice,arrival noticeALONGSIDE :A phrase referring to the side of a ship. Goods to be delivered "alongside" are to be placed on the dock or barge within reach of the transport ship's tackle so that they can be loaded aboard the ship.


Alternate Routing: In a production environment this is an optional process for manufacturing or assembly of a product, which may be employed due to unavailability of a primary work center, or choice of non-standard components. May also refer to a transportation route which is different than what would normally be taken, perhaps due to weather. Approved Vendor List (AVL): List of the suppliers approved for doing business. The AVL is usually created by procurement or sourcing and engineering personnel using a variety of criteria such as technology, functional fit of the product, financial stability, and past performance of the supplier.


AMERICAN BUREAU OF SHIPPING: American ship classification society.


American Bureau of Shipping:Abbreviation: ABS American classification society which has established rules and regulations for the classification of seagoing vessels or equipment.


AMS - AMS stands for Automated Manifest System and is another part of Customs ACS. AMS allows Customs to get information contained on ocean bills of lading and airway bills electronically. It is a cargo inventory control and release notification system for the use of air, ocean, and rail carriers and speeds the flow of cargo and entry processing. While most ocean carriers are on the AMS system, not all carriers are using the electronic system. Additionally, while some air carriers in some ports use AMS, their counterparts in different ports may not.


ANTI DUMPING DUTY (ADD) - These duties are charged over and above normal Customs Duties. These duties are imposed to discourage the sale of foreign goods in the market at low prices which would be detrimental to local U.S. manufacturers. For example, a radio which normally sells in Japan for $100.00 would be considered dumped on the U.S. market if it was sold to a U.S. importer for $50.00. Anti Dumping duties are assessed until the goods are sold for a fairer market value.


APCA-‘Australian Port Charge Additional’ – Means the same as BSRA, THC and PSC. A charge for loading or unloading containers on or off vessels.


AQIS- The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service


ARBITRAGE:The buying of foreign exchange, securities, or commodities in one market and the simultaneous selling in another market, in terms of a third market. By this manipulation a profit is made because of the difference in the rates of exchange or in the prices of securities or commodities involved.


Arbitrary - A stated amount over a fixed rate to one point to make a rate to another point.


ARREST (OF THE SHIP) :Seizure of a ship by the authority of a simple court of law as security for a debt or simply to prevent the ship from leaving until dispute is settled.


Arrival Date:The date on which goods or a means of transport is due to arrive at the delivery site of the transport.


Arrival Notice - Notice sent by the carrier informing the consignee, notify party, and also notify party of the arrival date of the cargo. Other pertinent information for shipment may be included, such as bill of lading number, weight, charges due and location of cargo.


Arrival notice:A notice from the ocean carrier to the "notify party" indicating the vessel's estimated arrival date; identifying shipment details such as number of packages, weight, and container number, and indicating when free time expires. Often includes a freight invoice.


Arrival Notice:A notice sent by a carrier to a nominated notify party advising of the arrival of a certain shipment or consignment.


Arrival Notice:An advice that the carrier or forwarder sends to the consignee advising of goods coming forward for delivery. Pertinent information such as bill of lading number, container number and total charges due from consignee etc, are included and sent to consignee prior to vessel arrival. This is done gratuitously by the carrier or forwarder to ensure smooth delivery but there is no obligation by the carrier or the forwarder to do so. The responsibility to monitor the transit and present himself to take timely delivery still rests with the consignee.


ARRIVAL NOTICE-This is a document which advises consignees that freight has arrived or is arriving from overseas. They are usually sent by carriers or forwarders before the freight arrives to give the importer or broker a heads up for incoming freight.


ASN: See Advanced Shipping Notice


Assembly: A collection of components which have been put together into a unit, or the activity involved with putting components together to form a unit.


Assessor -One who assesses the loss, its causes, and the sum to be settled under an insurance policy claim


Assignment:The transfer of certain rights from one party to another.


Assignment-A legal concept whereby one party transfers a right to
another(1) Insurance:In transportation insurance, where the shipper assigns the Certificate of Insurance over to the consignee. This assignment process is usually done by the shipper signing the back of the Insurance Certificate over a Company Stamp.(2) In shipping:The transfer of title ( assignment) to a shipment of goods can be accomplished by correctly endorsing a negotiable Bill of Lading.


ATA :Actual Time of Arrival


ATD :Actual Time of Departure


ATF -Airline Terminal Fee. Same as ATO Fee. A charge applied by Airline Terminal Operators for the physical handling, at the airline bond store, of import and export cargo.


ATO Fee -See ATF above.


Authorised Consignee / Consignor:A trader authorized by the European Commission (regulation 2454/93) to receive or dispatch consignments under transit procedures without having to present goods and documents directly at the customs office.


Authorization:The commission to a certain person or body to act on behalf of another person or body. The person or body can be authorized e.g. to issue Bills of Lading or to collect freight.


Automated Clearinghouse (ACH): A nationwide electronic payments system, which more than 15,000 financial institutions use, on behalf of 100,000 corporations and millions of consumer in the U.S. The funds transfer system of choice among businesses that make electronic payments to vendors, it is economical and can carry remittance information in standardized, computer processable data formats.

AUTOMATED MANIFEST SYSTEM (AMS): A US Customs & Border Protection Agency system used to notify the details of shipments loaded onto a specific flight.


Available Inventory: Also called net inventory, this is the quantity of stock which is available to use after considering allocations, reservations, backorders, and quantities set aside to compensate for quality problems.


Average (General) -See General Average


Average (Particular)- See Particular Average


Average Adjuster- In marine insurance, a person who assesses and apportions losses and theconsequent contributions in general average losses.


Average Adjusters:In general average affairs average adjusters are entrusted with the task of apportioning the loss and expenditure over the parties interested in the maritime venture and to determine which expenses are to be regarded as average or general average.


The above details describes about terms called in freight forwarding su.ch as alongside, Alternate Routing ,anti dumping duty,Arbitrary ,Arrival Notice,ARRIVAL NOTICE,assessor,Airline Terminal Fee,Automated Clearinghouse,average adjuster etc.These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in overseas trade below this post Terms used in freight forwarding such as Advanced Shipping Notice,advance freight,Agency Fee,Air cargo Agent


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