Terms used in business such as Bull Market,Bullet Point,Business Plan,Business venture,Buy-in,Buzzword etc


Terms used in business such as Bull Market,Bullet Point,Business Plan,Business venture,Buy-in,Buzzword etc.




This post explains about terms used in business such Broker,Brown Goods,Brownfield , Bull Market,Bullet Point,Business Plan,Business venture,Buy-in,Buzzword etc. These terms used in international business are arranged in alphabetical order and you may add more information about terms used in export business at the end of this article, if you wish.


Terms used in business




British Standards Institution - BSI. An organisation which sets out formal guidelines to help businesses, etc., produce or perform more efficiently and safely. The BSI operates in more than 25 countries, and represent UK interests in other organisations, such as the ISO - International Organisation For Standardization.


Broker / Courtier :Brokers are commercial agents who are legally independent of the companies for which they work. They deal with their clients for each brokerage transaction without being bound by a long-term contract.


Broker:A broker is an intermediary agent in the purchase and sale of goods.


Brown Goods - Household electrical entertainment appliances such as televisions, radios and music systems.


Brownfield - Previously developed land, either commercial or industrial, which has been cleared for redevelopment.


Terms used in  business such as Bull Market,Bullet Point,Business Plan,Business venture,Buy-in,Buzzword etcBrown-noser - Insulting slang term for a sychophant, originally 1930s US military slang (brown-nose). Brown-nosing describes crawling or creeping to please a boss; an amusingly disturbing interpretation of various expressions which juxtapose the head of the follower with the backside of the boss, as in the rude slang metaphors: kissing arse/ass, arse-licking, bum-licker, etc.


BSI / BSI :The British Standards Institution is the standardisation agency in the United Kingdom (see the United Kingdom in the Atlas on this site).


Bubble Economy - An unstable boom when the economy experiences an unusually rapid growth, with rising share prices and increased employment.


BUD :Budget Utilization and Development, software package provided by DPI and used by LEAs to administer their budgets, also used by charter schools to enter federal budgets.


Budget - Allocation of funds or the estimation of costs for a department, project, etc., over a specific period. The management of spending and saving money.


Budget: An estimate of the income and expenditures for a future period of time, usually one year.


Built To Flip - Companies which have been sold soon after they have been created, so that money can be made quickly.


Bulk Sale Notice:  A legal notice alerting the public that the sale of a certain business is imminent. (This is required by Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Section 6, aka bulk transfer notice.)


Bulk Sale or Transfer:  The term applied to business sales


Bull Market - On the Stock Market, a prolonged period in which share prices are rising and investors are buying.


Bull Market: A market in which prices are rising and in which a dealer is more likely to be a buyer than a seller. (see Bear market)


Bull:A bull is a speculator (on the stock exchange) who contracts to buy shares, stocks and securities in the hope that price will rise. Thus he expects to make a profit by selling them at a higher price when the day of settlement arrives.


Bullet Point - A symbol, e.g. a dot or a square, printed at the beginning of each item on a list.


Bullish: Anticipating favorable business conditions. (see Bearish)


Bureau of Industry and Security - An agency of the United States Department of Commerce that is in charge of dealing with both the advancement of national security and regulating the export of technologies.


Business Angel - Also known as Private Investor. A, usually wealthy, individual who invests money in developing (often high risk) companies, and who provides their advice, skills, knowledge and contacts in return for an equity share of the business.


Business assets / Actifs professionnels :All tangible movable assets (equipment, machinery, etc.) and intangibleassets (customers, goodwill, corporate name, sign, lease right, licences and authorisations, etc.). It is important to note that this never includes the building(s) in which the business is run.


Business Communications Services - All of Sprint's service offerings which are designed to meet the communications needs of business customers.


Business Name - See also Trade Name/Trading Name, which are loosely interchangeable. These are a very vague terms indeed. Precise interpretation may depend on the actual legal definitions of these terms in the territory/state/country concerned. And also the way a business perceives and interprets the terms, and whether they fill in the forms/checkboxes correctly.. Generally business names and trade/trading names may be registered and licensed. A lot depends on the interpretation of the term 'Business name'. Business name can refer to a trade/trading name, or also could refer to the the over-arching or parent or holding company, which is ultimately responsible for a trade/trading name within or of the business. A trade name is normally a division or branded operation/service, or product brand, within/of a (legally titled) business, but the terms are very broad and it's difficult to be specific because circumstances and legal interpretations vary. Be careful to avoid applying a strict definition to such loose terms and certainly if serious implications stem from interpretation then seek expert local clarification.


Business Plan - A written document which sets out a business's plans and objectives, and how it will achieve them, e.g. by marketing, development, production, etc.


Business to Business (B to B) / Business to Business (B to B) :Sometimes B2B; indicates a company to company business relationship.


Business To Consumer - Transactions in which businesses sell goods and/or services to end consumers or customers.


Business venture: Taking financial risks in a commercial enterprise.


Business Broker or Intermediary:  A professional who assists in the buying and  selling of businesses


Business Type:  The legal structure of the business Types include Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, S-Corporation,  Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Limited


Button Ad - A small advertisement on a website, typically measuring 120 x 90 pixels.


Buyer's Market : A situation in which supply exceeds demand, prices are relatively low, and buyers therefore have an advantage.


Buy-in - Purchase of a company where outside investors buy more than 50% of the shares, so they can take over the company.


Buying group / Centrale d'achat :Body that centralises purchases in order to obtain the best possible prices.


Buzzword - A word or phrase which has become fashionable or popular, or sounds technical or important and is used to impress people.


C & F: This stands for cost and freight. When used in quoting prices, it includes the price of the goods together with all possible charges up to the destination excepting insurance.


C E Mark - Conformite Europeenne (European Conformity). A symbol on many products sold in the European Union indicating that they have met health, safety and/or environmental requirements, ensuring consumer and workplace safety.


C.I.F: This abbreviation stands for the words cost, insurance and freight. These terms are used in quoting prices of goods. A GIF price means and includes the price of the goods together with all charges and expenses needed for the carriage of the goods to the destination. This quotation also covers the risk during transit.


C.O.D: The abbreviation stands for cash on delivery. This signifies that the payment for the goods is to be made at the time of delivery.


C2C - Consumer-To-Consumer, a marketing/business model (compare with B2B, B2C, etc) illustrated by 'car-boot' sales, yard sales, small private ads, and more significantly E-Bay, Amazon and other big C2C internet portals, which by the end of the first decade of the 2000s had become a substantial aspect of global economics and human society, and a real threat to the long-term future of some very large corporate industries. See also the broadly equivalent P2P (big explanation of P2P [Peer-To-Peer] in the acronyms section).


The above details describes about terms called in business such as Broker,Brown Goods,Brownfield , Bull Market,Bullet Point,Business Plan,Business venture,Buy-in,Buzzword etc. These phrases may help importers and exporters on their day to day business activities. The readers can also add more information about terms used in business trade below this post.Terms used in business such as Bonded Exchange , Bonded Warehouse, Bookkeeping, Bottom Fishing ,Bottomry Bond etc

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