TEA BOARD Schemes for export of Indian origin Tea




            Circular for Assistance under TEA BOARD Scheme for Promotion of Packaged Teas of Indian Origin (Brand Support) in overseas market

            To help Indian exporters for marketing teas of Indian origin in overseas markets on a sustained basis, the Scheme is intended to promote teas of Indian origin therein.


             For companies wanting to avail of the benefits of this sub-component, it is mandatory to adhere to the following conditions:

1. To market teas of Indian origin in packets carrying the Indian tea logo or any of the specialty logos (Darjeeling, Assam, Assam Orthodox, Nilgiri, Nilgiri Orthodox, Dooars-Terai) after complying with the requirements of logo usage norms as well as IPR norms and regulations

2. All Indian companies/exporters marketing Indian branded teas in packets less than 5 kg are covered in the sub-component

3. The brand shall be owned by the company/exporter

4. Exporters desiring to avail of the benefits of this sub-component will be required to draw up a one year action plan with corresponding projected exports and submit the application to Tea Board.


The promotional assistance will be applicable for the following categories:-

1. Showrooms and Tea boutiques

For setting up showrooms, tea boutiques or retail outlets for retail sale of value added teas from India


2. Promotional campaign

For intensive publicity campaigns toward launching Indian branded products or for promoting branded products, the following components are eligible for financial assistance –

(i) Media (social, digital, print, electronic and any other media as found suitable for a specific market subject to prior approval of Tea Board)

(ii) Hoarding

(iii) Bus / Train/Tram panels

(iv) Point of purchase material, and

(v) Promotional literature.


3. Displays in International Departmental Stores and in-store demonstration

For promoting value added tea products, tie up with local distributors and major stores for display and in-store promotion


4. Product Literature, Website Development

Production of product literature, development of website, etc. for fairs/events


5. Inspection charges

Inspection charges, incurred prior to shipment of packaged teas carrying Board’s logos (adhering to logo usage norms), will be reimbursed. The inspection will be carried out through the Tea Board-approved list of inspection agencies who will submit the results to Tea Board simultaneously along with the exporter. Clearance certificates from the Tea Councils are mandatory.



1. All the Indian exporters registered with Tea Board having valid registrations and exporting value added tea will be eligible

2. All the above exporters exporting for the past 3 years and submitting regular monthly export returns to Tea Board

3. All registered Associations of tea producers and exporters are eligible to apply for assistance for promotion of Indian tea brands owned by their members.

4. The scheme covers all Indian exporters selling 100% Indian teas in packet less than 1 kg and having “Indian Tea Logo” and/or origin logos printed on their packs. Focus will be on exports of high value teas.

Scale of assistance

25% of the lease/rental charges subject to a maximum reimbursable limit of Rs. 10 lakh per annum

2. Promotional campaign

Up to 25% of the cost for reimbursement subject to a ceiling of Rs.50 lakh per annum per market

3. Product Literature, Website Development

25% of the total cost subject to a ceiling of Rs.50 lakh per annum per market on reimbursement basis

4. Inspection Charges

A maximum of 25% of inspection charges on reimbursement basis



1. All interested Exporters/Associations are required to apply in advance on company letter head to Tea Board in a prescribed application form

2. While applying, applicants will be required to provide:-

i) Year-wise full details of exports (volume and value) of their tea brands during the last 3 years to the particular country for which promotional/financial assistance is sought (Associations will be required to furnish information pertaining to their members)

ii) Indicate market prospects in terms of market attractiveness and ability to serve it

iii) A one-year plan with clear targets and timelines for implementation

3. Tea samples or Trade discounts, if given, may not be included in this sub-component. PR activities in regard to any promotional item will not be eligible for financial support

4. It is desirable that, wherever possible, Tea Board representative (i.e. any officer from the Promotion Directorate) is associated during all stages of the promotion campaign for better execution and results

5. For assistance with regard to Promotional Campaign/Brand Promotion, details of the selected media readership/viewer ship, and tariff are to be indicated clearly.

6. After the campaign, copies of invoices along with copy of the advertisement released (in the case of publication) shall be submitted for release of funds through e-payment mechanism ie. RTGS/NEFT

7. In case of hoardings or Bus/Tram Panel ads, photographs shall be submitted duly endorsed by the concerned Director of Tea Promotion or any other authorized official of the Board where such promotion has taken place

8. All claims need to be duly substantiated by proof of payment against invoices. In the event of any false claims being lodged, Tea Board reserves the right to claim refund of the amount granted to the applicant with applicable interest

9. Applications will be processed through E-government portal of Tea Board to be uploaded on “first-come-first-serve” basis, subject to availability of funds and adhering to all the terms & conditions

10. There will be an overall ceiling of Rs. 50 lakh per company or the group per annum

11. Disbursement will be made subject to the applicant achieving 10% increase of volume of export in the target market. For the purpose of calculating increase in exports, calendar year (Jan to Dec) figures will be taken into account

12. Claim for reimbursement will have to be accompanied by a Chartered Accountant’s Certificate

13. Year over year review as well as a 3 year composite review will be undertaken regarding the efficiency & effectiveness of an activity to decide on course correction and/or continuity of a project further

14. Relaxation may be made by Chairman/Deputy Chairman depending on the merit of each case



         If the consignments for export are rejected on grounds of quality, MRL issues or packaging issues, the amount availed from Tea Board by the exporter under this sub-component has to be returned along with the prevailing interest

         Applications of persons who resort to making offers, rewards, gifts or any material benefit, or any coercion either directly or indirectly, to influence the sanction process shall summarily be rejected. Similarly, legal action will be initiated for recovery with applicable interest against applicants who obtain the export incentive benefit by willfully furnishing.



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