Import Registration and import Licence procedures required in Armenia

Permit and registration required to import goods in Armenia


Import Licence process required in Armenia


How to get import licence in Armenia? How to start an import business in Armenia? What are the certification formalities to import to Armenia? What are the procedures for registration as an importer in Armenia? How to get the status of an importer in Armenia?


Any taxpayer of Armenia can get into business by Registering with State Register of Legal Entities under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia. Then only they can compete in export and import of commercial goods in Armenia.


Licensing procedure to import goods to a country is almost same in all countries worldwide.  Detailed information on how to obtain a licence to import to a country is explained in detail as separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Import Registration and Licensing Process



This information is about import licensing procedures to import goods to Armenia.  If you have to add more information about import permit and registration required to import goods to Armenia, share below your thoughts.



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CGST Act Section 82 Tax to be first charge on property

CGST Act section 83 Provisional attachment to protect revenue in certain cases

CGST Act Section 84 Continuation and validation of certain recovery proceedings

CGST Act Section 85 Liability in case of transfer of business

CGST Act section 86 Liability of agent and principal

CGST Act Section 87 Liability in case of amalgamation or merger of companies

CGST Act section 88 Liability in case of company in liquidation

CGST Act Section 89 Liability of directors of private company

CGST Act Section 90 Liability of partners of firm to pay tax

CGST Act section 91 Liability of guardians, trustees

CGST Act Section 92 Liability of Court of Wards

CGST Act section 93 Liability to pay tax, interest or penalty in certain cases

E way Bill decision taken by 26th GST Council on 10th March

Tax exemption for exporters, 26th GST council

Decisions taken by 26th GST Council meeting held on 10th March


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