Import Customs procedures in Chile

Customs clearance process required in Chile


Who are the parties involved in import customs clearance formalities in Chile? What is the customs process in Chile to import?  How is import cargo released from Chile Customs to importer?  Import cargo clearance in Chile Customs.


The information provided here details on how to import goods to Chile especially import customs clearance procedures in Chile.

The customs operations are managed by National Customs Service of Chile under the Ministry of Finance. The major responsibility allocated with them is to encourage and facilitate import and export activities through the improvement of customs procedures and formalities.

The importer must present an "Informe de Importacion", a document that must go through the commercial bank.


Import customs clearance methodology to deliver imported goods to importer is same in almost all ports worldwide.  Detailed information about import customs process is explained separately in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Import Customs Process in importing country



The information provided here details on how to import goods to Chile especially import customs clearance procedures in Chile.



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