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8501 electric motors and generators (no sets)

8502 electric generating sets and rotary converters

8503 parts of electric motors, generators & sets

8504 electric transform, static converters & induct, pt

8505 electromagnets, permanent magnets etc & parts

8506 primary Cells & batteries, parts

8507 electric storage batteries, incl separators, parts

8508 electromechanical tools, working in hand, parts

8509 electromech domestic appliances, parts

8510 electric shavers & hair clippers, parts

8511 electric ignition etc equip, generators, parts

8512 electric light etc equip, windshield wipers etc, parts

8513 portable elec lamps function by own energy source

85  ELECTRICAL MACHINERY8514 industrial or lab elec furnaces etc, parts

8515 electric, laser or other light or photon beam etc

8516 elec water, space & soil heaters, hair etc dry, pt

8517 elec apparatus for line telephony, telephone sets, pts

8518 microphones, loudspeakers, sound amplifier etc, pt

8519 turntables, record & cassette players etc.

8520 magnetic tape & other sound recorders

8521 video recording or reproducing apparatus

8522 parts & access of record play, mag tape record etc

8523 prepared unrecorded media (no film) for sound etc.

8524 records, tapes & other recorded sound media etc computer software

8525 trans apparatus for radiotelephony etc, tv cameras cordless telephones

8526 radar apparatus, radio navig aid & remote cont app

8527 reception apparatus for radiotelephony etc

8528 television receivers (incl monitors & proj receivers)

8529 parts for television, radio and radar apparatus

8530 electric signal, safety or traffic control equip

8531 electric sound or visual signaling apparatus, pts

8532 electric capacitors, fixed, Variable Or adjustable(preset)

8533 electrical resistors except heating resistors, pts

8534 printed circuits

8535 electrical apparatus for switching etc, ov 1000v

8536 electrical apparatus for switching etc, n/ov 1000v

8537 boards, panels etc with elec switch appar etc.

8538 parts for elec appar etc of head 8535, 8536 & 8537

8539 electric filament or discharge lamps, parts

8540 thermionic, cold cathode or photocathode tubes, pt

8541 semiconductor devices, light-emit diodes etc, pts

8542 electronic integrated circuits & microassembl, pts

8543 electrical mach etc, with ind functions nesoi, pts

8544 insulated wire, cable etc, opt sheath fib cables

8545 carbon electrodes & brushes, lamp carbons etc

8546 electrical insulators of any material

8547 insulating fittings for assembly nesoi

8548 electrical parts of machinery nesoi



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