Export Import HS code for air or vacuum pumps, compr and fans, hoods and fans, pts


Know your product HS code
Product HS code chapter 84 nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances, computers
8414  air or vacuum pumps, compr and fans, hoods and fans, pts



841410  Vacuum Pumps
841420  Hand or Foot Operated Air Pumps
841430  Compressors of a Kind Used in Refrigerating Equipment
841440  Air Compressors Mounted On a Wheeled Chassis for Towing
841451  Table, Floor, Wall, Window, Ceiling or Roof Fans
841459  Other Fans
841460  Hoods Having a Maximum Horizontal Side Not Exceeding 120cm
841480  Other Air Pumps and Air or Gas Compressors; Other Hoods
841490  Parts of Air or Vacuum Pumps, Air or Other Gas Compressors, Fans & Hoods



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Palash Roychowdhury: Please any body can say the HSN Code for AIr Pollution Control Equipments/Ventilation Equipments, Also the GST rates.

Mudassar Iqbal: if message came form weboc team to attached the documents and unfortunately we could not attached due to some internet problems and they write the message revert back to Assessing officer of Rebate, Kindly guide us what we do now.

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