Explain the term Transshipment.

What do you know about Transshipment?

Transshipment can simply defined as the process of unloading a container from one ship and loading it onto another ship. This Transshipment may be because for trans-loading, consolidation or deconsolidation, etc. A port where cargo is exchanged from one carrier to another or from one vessel of a carrier to another vessel of the same carrier without the cargo leaving the port is known as transshipment port. More than one transshipment may be happens to a shipment during its movement from port of origin to port of destination.  The development in global trade has involved larger quantities of containers in circulation, which made the shipping companies to depend more on transshipment ports to connect different regions of the world.

The notify party will receive an arrival notice from the destination agent before arrival of vessel. The arrival notice will contain the details of the final destination vessel so that the correct vessel details can be used to file the import customs. Most of the shipping lines also have online tracking facility which will show the carrier details and shipment movement, along with an estimated arrival to the destination port.





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