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Explain Department of Agriculture Export Documentation System (EXDOC)


What is Department of Agriculture Export Documentation System (EXDOC).  This post explains about Department of Agriculture Export Documentation System (EXDOC) in Australia.

The Department of Agriculture Export Documentation System (EXDOC) system is used for export endorsed essential produce from Australia. EXDOC is a software application created by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to oversee trade documentation for essential produce.. It is used to generate export documents. It includes export permits and certificates and related documents as required by importing countries.

To obtain an export permit need to provide the information as required by the Export Control Act (1982) as well as any information that is required to satisfy importing country requirements. Information required may include but is not limited to details of the consignment, product, transport and product preparation.

EXDOC including commodities are dairy, eggs, grains, horticulture, inedible meat products, meat, seafood, skins and hides and wool. There are two kinds of users of EXDOC. The exporter is the party legitimately obligated for the goods and is named on the export documentation. An EDI User is the party raising the documentation.

Exporter - Must be registered on the EXDOC system as an exporter.
EDI User - Must be registered as an EDI User and have an installed third party software package to interface with the EXDOC system.


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