Customs procedures for Finland Export

Customs clearance procedures for export in Finland

What are the necessary procedures to complete export customs clearance in Finland?   How to complete customs clearance formalities in Finland?  What is the customs process in Finland to export?  Formalities need to complete with customs for export cargo clearance in Finland.


This piece of information explains about export customs clearance procedures in Finland.  The information details on how to export goods from a Finland port to other overseas destination.


Finnish Customs or Tulli (Tull Customs) is the national authority responsible for enforcing customs laws and regulations in Finland. They facilitate the trade in goods and ensure its conformity, levies taxes on goods efficiently, works for economic development of Finland, controls illegal trade etc. It is supervised by the Ministry of Finance of Finland and is part of the EU customs system.

Get the registrations and IDs needed to submit a declaration. An export declaration must be lodged when goods are exported to regions outside the fiscal region of the EU. Export declaration is lodged electronically either as a message declaration or using the Export Declaration Service. It can submit on SAD (Single Administrative Document) form.

If you lodge the export declarations in the Customs Export Declaration Service; get a Katso ID which is granted by the Tax Administration of Finland. Katso ID has been created for businesses using e-government services.


Export customs clearance methodology is same in almost all ports worldwide.  Detailed information about export customs process is explained separately in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Customs procedures for Export



This information explains about export customs clearance procedures in Finland.  The information details on how to export goods from a Finland port to other overseas destination.




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