Checking of Documents at Customs House for Export in India

Checking of Documents at Customs House for Export in India

Checking of Documents at Customs House for Export in India(a) Shipping bills involving foreign exchange are sent to the Appraisement section. In appraisement section, Dutiable and Drawback Shipping Bills are allotted to appraisers for scrutiny and examination order. Free Shipping Bills are sent to examiners.

(b) Verification of Shipping Bill is made to ascertain whether quantity and value of goods are as per export order/letter of credit. Input-output norms (wherever applicable) and details of drawback rate are checked by the inspector and superintendent of customs. Further, verification is also made in respect of the compliance of formalities as regards Exchange Control, Licensing, Pre-Shipment Inspection, if applicable, and other statutory requirements.

(c) The customs appraiser/examiner assesses value of goods. The value of goods assessed by the appraiser is considered in all future transactions, especially for settlement of incentive claims.

(d) After verification, the customs appraiser/examiner feeds "Examination Order" on the Shipping Bill into the system. The examination order determines the extent of physical examination of goods at Docks and assigns the official to conduct examination. This "order" enables the Dock Appraiser to conduct physical examination of the goods in the docks. The principal appraiser also countersigns the "examination order".

(e) The CHA, in turn, can enquire about the status of his documents from his own system. He can view any memo or objections on his documents as they are posted in the system.

(f) The shipping bill number is put on the GR/SDF forms. SDF form is used in place of GR form if the customs operations are computerized at that customs center.

(g) Where export duty is to be paid, exporter/agent has to pay at Cash & section of the Customs.



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