Basic Customs Tax on rubber and articles, as per Indian Budget 2020-21

Indian Budget 2020-21, Import BCD on rubber and articles


Basic Customs  Tax changes on goods under Chapter 40

The Customs duty changes declared as per Indian Budget 2020-21 on import of   RUBBER and  ARTICLES is as follows:

The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented Union Budget 2020 in Parliament around 11 am on February 1. . Till 2016, the Union Budget was presented on the last working day of February. Former finance minister Arun Jaitley changed the tradition in 2017 when he presented the Budget on February 1. Ahead of the Union Budget, an Economic Survey is presented by the Chief Economic Advisor.

As per Indian Budget 2020-2021, the basic customs duty changes on goods under chapter 40 is shown below.  If no changes on present customs basic duty on products under chapter  40 under Budget 2020-21 the same is mentioned:

 According to Indian Budget 2020-21, there is no changes in basic customs duty on import of goods under Chapter 40.

The above information explains about basic customs duty changes on import of goods under chapter 40 under Indian Union Budget 2020-21.Discuss below your thoughts about customs duty on goods under chapter 40  as per Indian Budget 2020-2021


The above post explains about the clarifications below:


Is there any duty changes of customs on Prevulcanised  of natural rubbers as per Indian Budget 2020-21? What is the present basic import customs duty on  Hevea  of balata under Budget 2020-21in India?  The rate of import basic customs duty on Pale crepe of palata under Indian Budget 2020-21. What is the customs duty on Oil extended natural rubber as  per budget 2020-21?  Any changes in customs duty on Basic customs duty declared by Indian Budget 2020-21 on import of Tread rubber compound . What is the BCD to be paid to customs on import of Can sealing compound of strip under Indian Budget 2020-21.  Estate brown crepe of gutta-percha under Indian Budget 2020-2021. Budget 2020-21, what is the basic customs duty on Latex of syntactic rubbers  Explain the changes in basic custom duty on Oil extended styrene butadiene rubber under budget 2020-2021. Chemically modified form of natural rubber including graft rubber import duty  payables under budget 2020-21.   Basic Customs Duty  on  cushion compound, Compounded with carbon black of strip under Indian Budget 2020-21.  Customs Duty declared on Compounded with carbon black of silica for import under Indian Budget 2020-2021.  Highlights of Indian budget on import customs duty on Granules of unvulcanised natural.  Present rate of duty payable to customs on import of  "Camel-back" strips for rethreading rubber tyres of rubbers in Budget 2020-2021.  Declaration of customs duty on import of Vulcanised rubber thread and cord based on Indian budget 2020-21.  Whether import customs duty on Hospital sheeting of sheets decreased or increased under Indian Budget 2020-21.    Rate of import duty payable on Latex foam sponge of strip as per Indian Budget 2020-21.  What is the budget rate of import duty on Blocks of micro-cellular rubber but not of latex foam sponge of sheets as per Indian Budget 2020-21? Indian Budget 2020-21, import duty payable on Not reinforced of tubes Import duty rate changes on Blocks used in the manufacture of soles under Budget 2020-21. Latex foam sponge of sheets import duty changes under budget 2020-2021. Import duty changes on Latex foam sponge of plates under Indian Budget 2020-21. 


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