Basic Customs Duty on vinegar, spirit and beverages to import under Budget 2019-20

 Budget 2019-2020, Basic Customs Duty on vinegar, spirit and beverages.

Basic Customs Tax changes on goods under Chapter 22


Customs Duty changes, Indian Union Budget,2019


Finance Bill 2019, Indian Union Budget 2019-20


Income tax rate slab, Indian Union Budget, 2019

The Customs duty changes declared as per Indian Budget 2019-20  on import of vinegar, spirit and beverages is as follows: 


Indian Union Budget, 2019 finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented on 5th July,2019.

According to Indian Budget 2019-20, there is no changes in basic customs duty on vinegar, spirit and beverages under Chapter 22

Customs Tariff Act changes on vinegar, spirit and beverages under Chapter 22 given below


Chapter 22,— 

in Note 1, in clause (a), for the words “products falling thereunder”, the words “products of this Chapter” shall be substituted;


in the entry in column (2) occurring against tariff item 2206 00 00, for the words “MIXTURES OF FERMENTED BEVERAGES AND NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES”, the words “MIXTURES OF FERMENTED BEVERAGES AND MIXTURES OF FERMENTED BEVERAGES AND NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES” shall be substituted; 

heading 2208,— 

tariff items 2208 20 12, 2208 20 92 and 2208 50 13 and the entries relating thereto shall be omitted;


for tariff item 2208 60 93 and the entries relating thereto, the following shall be substituted, namely:—

“2208 60 00 - Vodka l 150% 

As per the practice, a vote-on-account presented during an election year takes approval for essential government expenditure for a limited period, which is usually four months, but presents the budget estimates for the entire financial year. A full-fledged budget is presented by the new government later in the year, where it can even alter the estimates.


As per Indian Budget 2019-20, the basic customs duty changes on goods under chapter 22 is shown below.  If no changes on present customs basic duty on products under chapter 22 under Budget 2019-2020 the same is mentioned:


The above information explains about basic customs duty changes on import of goods under chapter 22, under Indian Union Budget 2019-20.


Discuss below your thoughts about customs duty on goods under chapter 22, as per Indian Budget 2019-20

The above post explains about the clarifications below:

Is there any duty changes of customs on natural mineral water as per Indian Budget 2019-2020? What is the present basic import customs duty on aerated waters not containing added sugar under Budget 2019-20 in India?  The rate of import basic customs duty on lemonade non-alcoholic beverages under Indian Budget 2019-20 What is the customs duty on soya milk drinksas  per budget 2019-20?  Any changes in customs duty on flavoured beverages containing milk under Indian Budget 2019-2020. Budget 2019-20, what is the basic customs duty on sweetening matter fruit pulp. Explain the changes in basic custom duty on sparkling wine of fresh grapesunder budget 2019-20.Ethyl alcohol brandyimport duty payables under budget 2019-20.   Basic customs duty declared by Indian Budget 2019-20 on import of blended scotch spirituous beverages. Basic Customs Duty on beer made from maltunder Indian Budget 2019-2020.  Customs Duty declared on port or other red winesfor import under Indian Budget 2019-20.  What is the BCD to be paid to customs on import of sugariceunder Indian Budget 2019-20. Whether import customs duty on undenatured ethyl alcohol Genevadecreased or increased under Indian Budget 2019-20.  Highlights of Indian budget on import customs duty on brewed vinegar   Present rate of duty payable to customs on import of synthetic vinegar from acetic acidin Budget 2019-20.Declaration of customs duty on import offermented concentrates of beveragesbased on Indian budget 2019-20.  Import duty changes onfermented liquor beveragesunder Indian Budget 2019-2020.  Rate of import duty payable on sweetening matter mineral watersas per Indian Budget 2019-20. Non-alcoholic beverages containing milkimport duty changes under budget 2019-2020.  What is the budget rate of import duty on soya milk drinksas per Indian Budget 2019-20. Indian Budget 2019-20, import duty payable on fruit pulp mineral waters.Import duty rate changes on sparkling fortified wines under Budget 2019-2020.


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