Registration required to export from Ireland

License required for export process in Ireland


How to start an export business in Ireland?  How to gather the status of an exporter in Ireland? How to get export licence in Ireland? What are the procedures for registration as an exporter in Ireland? What are the certification formalities to export to Ireland?


This post explains about export registration procedures to be obtained from Ireland government authority to start exportation from Ireland.

Any Ireland organization or individual has the privilege to deal with merchandise import and export. A registered trade with concerned license as per the business is must for exporting and importing of commercial products from and into Ireland. According to products nature, certain goods for import/export may be subject to an authorization, license, rules of quality or packaging, standardization or special formalities.

Since  Ireland falls  under  EU countries,  a common  trade policy is adopted  to import/export  most  of  the products .   A separate rules and regulations are applied to specific products when importing and exporting in the European Union called Integrated Tariff of the European Communities (TARIC code).   For any import, export or transit in EU countries, an EORI number is compulsory. EORI means Economic Operator Registration and Identification.  The European Union (EU) legislation has required all member states to adopt the Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) scheme. All importers, exporters and other transporters need to use a unique EORI reference number in all electronic communications with Customs and other government agencies involved in the international trade. This means that anyone involved with export, transit or import operations need to have EORI number.

Licensing procedure to export goods to a country is almost same worldwide.  Detailed information on how to obtain a licence to export to a country is explained in separate post in this website.  Click below to read the same.


Export Licence and registration procedures


The details given here explain about export registration procedures to be obtained from Ireland government authority to export from Ireland.


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