Central Exercise duty changes on Petrol and Diesel, Indian Budget 2019-20

Budget 2019-20, Exercise duty changes under HS code Chapter 27, Mineral Fuels, Mineral Oils


Excise duty changes as per budget 2019-20 under HS code Chapter 27

As per Indian Budget 2019-20, the following Central Excise Duty changes have been declared on petrol, diesel, crude oil etc.

1              2709 20 00                           Petroleum crude                              Nil           Re.1 per tonne

                                                                Special additional excise duty                                    

2              2710       Motor spirit commonly                 Rs 7 per                                                Rs 8 per

                                                known as petrol                               litre                                        litre                                       

3              2710                       High speed diesel oil       Re 1 per litre      Rs 2 per litre


Road and infrastructure cess

4              2710                       Motor spirit commonly                  Rs 8 per                     Rs 9 per

                                                known as petrol, High                    litre           litre

                                                speed diesel oil

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