Zero rate of GST on sale of Silk waste


Silk waste is exempted from paying GST


Does my goods Silk waste exempt from paying GST? What is the concessional rate of GST on Silk waste? Should I need to pay GST on my product Silk waste?

Zero rate of GST on sale of Silk waste

GST tax on Silk waste under HSN chapter 5003

As per GST Law, there is no GST payable on Silk waste.  

So the rate of GST payable on Silk waste is nil rate.


We already know that the GST slabs are pegged at 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%. under GST- 5 percent for essential goods, standard rate of 12 and 18 percent, high rate of 28 percent and peak rate of 28 percent plus cess for luxury items. The most essential goods and services attract nil rate of GST under Exempted Categories.   


The above details about GST rate tariff on Silk waste is only for information.

The validity of above information and amendments about GST rate on Silk waste may be verified before any business dealing.




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