Transloading VS Crossdocking

Compare crossdocking and transloading


Transload services involve transferring container cargo from one load unit to another.  When a container is transloaded, it normally happens at a facility that is nearer to a port terminal.  A container will be taken into a facility and exchanged to a domestic container or truckload.  Inventory and transportation cost savings are obtained by switching to a truck from a container. It is used where one mode of transport (either land, sea or air) isn’t sufficient to dispatch the goods from the origin to the destination point i.e., transport of goods requiring more than one mode of transport. This approach needs storage facilities such as warehouses or rail yards, to transfer goods from one mode of shipment to another. In the storage facility, the goods are palletized and sorted in ready for loading onto the other carrier. For bulk goods, specialized handling and storage are usually provided.

Cross dock

In crossdocking, products are emptied from the inbound transport vehicles and directly stacked into the outbound ones (trucks, trailers, rail cars etc). In this, goods are transported to a central docking station. For convenience, arriving goods are received from one side, sorted in the middle area, and dispatched from the other side. Crossdock services are mainly used in less than truckload (LTL) shipments, both in the military and civilian sector. There is little or no storage or use of warehouse between these two points of transport. Lack of timely and precise information prompts to supply chain delays and inefficiency, undoing the benefits of a crossdock strategy.



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