Revised GST rate on job work services

GST on job work services 


The GST rate on job work services  has been changed  as per GST council meeting  held on 20th September, 2019.  The details of revised GST rate on job work services is as follows:


Latest GST rate on job work services


Job work service:


To reduce rate of GST from 5% to 1.5% on supply of job work services in relation to diamonds. 


To reduce rate of GST from 18% to 12% on supply of machine job work such as in engineering industry, except supply of job work in relation to bus body building which would remain at 18%.


Revised rate of GST w.e.f 01.10.2019


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A.I.Raja: I have two doubts, 1st one is, anywhere mention as "supply of machine job work such as in engineering industry" in Notification No. 20/2019 CGST. 2nd one is, what is the 'Manufacturing Services" and any rate change for it.

Anil kvs: We are doing hot dip Galvanising as job work.Our principal raw material is Zinc (18%) .at which rate we have to calculate GST?

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