Packing and Marking in Export Import

Packing and Marking under International Business


Packing and Marking in Export ImportSoon after the goods are ready for shipment, they should be properly be packed and marked.

Importer's specific instructions in respect of packing and marking should be complied with, totally. In the absence of instructions from importer, exporter has to follow the packing rules prescribed by The Bureau of Indian Standards for certain items. The British Standard Packing Code, published by the British Standards Institute and the Exporter’s Encyclopedia published in the U.S.A give detailed packing instructions which can be followed by the exporters to match international standards in respect of Packing. In respect of hazardous goods, shipping companies too give certain packing instructions, which are to be followed, scrupulously. Shipping companies do not accept the goods unless their rules are followed in respect of such goods. If necessary, assistance can be taken from Indian Institute of Packing (IIP) in respect of packing.

Necessary markings have to be made on the packages by the exporter, following importer’s instructions. Needless to add, importer's instructions are to be followed meticulously by the exporter in respect of over aspect. In the absence of his specific instructions only, question of choice arises and in such event international standards are to be followed to secure total protection from any claim for negligence and consequential damages. Marking should include markings of the consignee, port of shipment, port of destination, measurements, the country of Origin, gross and net weight and any other instructions of the importer. The International Trade Forum has indicated several rules for marking procedures, which are to be followed by the exporters.



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