Import Registration and Licence procedures


Permit and registration required to import goods in Importing country


Import License process required in Importing country


This post explains about import registration procedures to be obtained from an importing country for importation.


If you need to import goods or services, a onetime registration procedure is being completed in most of the countries.  Such import export licence may be obtained from concerned government department of the importing country if required.


Usually, for import of goods, three categories of procedures are required.  One-time registration procedures to act as an Importer in importing Country, Specific import license to import goods if applicable, and certain certification from concerned government agencies of importing country related to each import wherever applicable. The certification from certain agencies of governmental and nongovernmental of exporting country may be obtained by exporter if applicable.

There is separate government agency that handles and regulates such specific products that issue import license or import permit.  However, specific licence to import goods is required only for certain specific goods restricted.  Based on trade policy of each country, categories of products classified under freely importable, restricted to import.  Prohibited list of goods are not permitted to import in to the country.  The list of restricted goods to import and prohibited list of goods are notified time to time by government of such importing country which may be referred the official website of respective department of importing country.


Import licence or Import permit to import certain products to Importing country

Import Licence or import permit has to be obtained from Importing country’s government for importation of certain commodities to Importing country.  There are separate Importing country government agencies to issue such import permit or import licence. 

Prohibited goods notified by importing country are not allowed to import, hence no permit or licence is granted to import such goods to Importing country.


Import by courier

Goods can be imported by courier.  However, there is limit of amount or quantity prescribed by importing country’s Government time to time.  If value or quantity is more than the prescribed limit, necessary procedures have to be completed in importing country to customs clear the imported goods by courier.


Import of personal effects to Importing country

The goods for personal use can be imported as per rules and regulations of importing country’s Government amending time to time.   The import duty is fixed based on the nature of consignment, imposed by importing country Customs department modified time to time. 


This information is about import licensing procedures to import goods.  If you have to add more information about import permit and registration required to import goods, share below your thoughts.


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