How to export from Uzbekistan?

Complete procedures to export goods from Uzbekistan



How to export from Uzbekistan? What are the export registration procedures, export customs process, export cargo movement methods in Uzbekistan? Explain the export methodology in Uzbekistan.


Information given here explains about step by step procedures that need to be finished with Uzbekistan government authority for exportation from Uzbekistan.


All natural persons or legal entities are approved to conduct export and import process in Uzbekistan. For commercial purpose, a registered trade with concerned license (if required) as per the business and have enlisted in the Trade and Company Register of the country is must for exporting and importing of products from and to Uzbekistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan (MFT) requires all Uzbek enterprises engaged in export/import operations to be registered as participants in international trade relations. 

The Foreign Trade Decree expresses that Uzbek organizations will be qualified to export products (aside from fresh produce) and services without an export contract, based on a invoice, provided that the accompanying conditions are met:

 (I) the export activity is reflected in the Unified Electronic System for currency control purposes, and

 (ii) 100% prepayment is gotten in the Uzbek bank account of the exporter.

State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan works as customs authorities with the objectives like protection of the rights and lawful interests of natural and legal entities, the economic security of the Republic of Uzbekistan, execution of all the decrees issued by the country’s ministries and governmental institutions which concerned and facilitating genuine trade.


The exporter should make sure that they made all of the accurate export documents that are required to get the goods delivered through the port, cleared customs, satisfy all compliance and regulations, then loaded on board the pre determined carrier. The efficiency of the Customs Clearance process is depend on having the valid documents, the accuracy of the information provided in the documents as well as the promptness in submitting the documents and filing the necessary applications for the Customs Clearance. All export documentation must be completed correctly to avoid any missed shipments, port demurrage charges or fines to the business.


Generally in all countries there are three stages of process for export.    One time registration procedure to obtain export licence, documentation needed for exportation and Export customs clearance formalities.   Detailed information on these three stages of exports has been mentioned separately in this website.  You may click below those information links to know more about step by step procedures on how to export:


Export Registration and Licence procedures

Export Customs procedures

Export documents required


This post explains about different phases in export process that every exporter needs to go through for completing export from Uzbekistan.



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