Harmonized System Code for refrigerators, freezers etc, heat pumps not elsewhere mentioned in chapter 84, pts

841810  Combined Refrigerator-freezers, Fitted With Separate External Doors
841816  Other Refrigerating or Freezing Equipment; Heat Pumps
841821  Refrigerators of Household Type, Compression-type
841822  Refrigerators of Household Type, Absorption-type, Electrical
841829  Other Refrigerators of Household Type
841830  Freezers of the Chest Type, Not Exceeding 900l Capacity
841840  Freezers of the Upright Type, Not Exceeding 900l Capacity
841850  Other Refrigerating or Freezing Chests, Cabinets, Display Counters, Show-cases & Similar Furniture
841861  Compression Type Units Whose Condensers Are Heat Exchangers
841869  Equipment Except Refrigerators, Freezers, Cabinets, Display Counters, Showcase and Similar Furniture
841891  Furniture Designed to Receive Refrigerating or Freezing Equipment
841899  Parts of Refrigerators, Freezers and Heat Pumps

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