GST on Orthopaedic appliances

GST slab rate on Orthopaedic appliances business.


How much GST tax payable Orthopaedic appliances? What is the present GST rate tariff on Orthopaedic appliances? GST duty payable on Orthopaedic appliances ?


Here let us discuss about GST rate tariff on Orthopaedic appliances

We already know that the GST slabs are pegged at 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%. under GST- 5 percent for essential goods, standard rate of 12 and 18 percent, high rate of 28 percent and peak rate of 28 percent plus cess for luxury items. The most essential goods and services attract nil rate of GST under Exempted Categories.

The rate of GST on Orthopaedic appliances, including crutches, surgical belts and trusses; splints and other fracture appliances; artificial parts of the body; hearing aids and other appliances which are worn or carried, or implanted in the body, to compensate for a defect or disability fixed by GST council at the introduction of GST in July, 2017 is 12%

Orthopaedic appliances, falls under GST HSN code number 9021


This details about GST rate tariff on Orthopaedic appliances, The validity of above information and amendments about GST rate on Orthopaedic appliances may be verified before any business dealing

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