Example of calculating Basic Ocean freight under LCL shipment


Chargeable Volume under LCL (Less than Container Load) Shipment?



Basic Ocean Freight under LCL cargo is calculated on the basis of per CBM (Cubic Meter) rate or per Ton (per 1000 kgs gross weight) whichever is higher.


Or we can say basic ocean freight under LCL shipment is calculated on the basis of chargeable volume of cargo. 


How to find chargeable volume of cargo?  Chargeable volume means total cubic meter volume of cargo or total gross weight in Tons whichever is higher.


Find the total Ocean freight for the following LCL shipment:-

a)      Length              –       2.5 m

b)      Width               –       85 cm à  0.85 m 

c)       Height               –     80 cm  à  0.8 m

d)      Total weight    -       11 tons

e)      Rate                   -      $ 65 /cbm


Total items        -     5 parcels




Volume   = length * width* height


    2.5 * 0.85 * 0.8 = 1.7 cbm

                 1.7 * 5 = 8.5 cbm (total no.of parcel is 5)


 11 tons means 11 cbm

Since, 11 cbm > 8.5 cbm, (Gross weight is accounted)


   11 * 65 = $ 715


So, Total basic ocean freight for the LCL shipment is $ 715

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