Computation of Chargeable weight

How to calculate Chargeable Weight for finding Air freight?

Air freight is calculated on the basis of per kilogram weight. However the chargeable weight is calculated on the basis of gross weight or volume weight whichever is higher.

If you are working for an Air cargo company, before going to quote for air freight, you need to get aware of the following things.,

  1. Air freight per kilogram to the particular port
  2. Gross weight of the cargo
  3. Volume of each package
  4. Volume weight
  5. Chargeable weight


How to find Volume Weight?

Volume weight =   Total cubic centimeter (cm3) of combined parcel  /  6000      or

                            =  Total cubic meter (m3) of combined parcel  /  0.006




Q. Find the chargeable weight for a consignment consist of 2 parcels with the same measurements of length 90cm, width 80cm, and height 75 cm respectively. Gross weights is given by 150 kg.



Length = 90cm,

Width = 80cm, and

Height = 75 cm

Volume weight = L*w*h/6000




So, total Volume weight is,


                          =180 kg


The chargeable weight is calculated on the basis of gross weight or volume weight whichever is higher. Here Volume weight is higher when compared to Gross weight (180 > 150), so

Chargeable weight=180kg

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