CPT terms of delivery, 09 advantages for exporters

Advantages to seller under CPT delivery rules

We are trying to dig the advantages and disadvantages for both exporters and importers under each Inco terms 2020 and point out to you in this website.

In this web post, the benefits for exporters under CPT are explained.

Let us discuss one by one:

01.One of the main advantage for exporter under CPT delivery rules is that, the risks transfer from Exporter to Importer,  once he hands  over goods to the carrier contracted by seller. If multiple carriers involved, the risk is transferred to the importer when goods are handed over to the first carrier. So, the exporter’s risks on movement of goods ends at his country in international trade.  This is a benefit for exporter under contract of carriage, CPT.


02. In CPT delivery rules under Export Import business, the exporter undertakes all pre carriage process in his country.  The sound knowledge and experience in handling government regulations in pre carriage helps the exporter to strengthen his business with same supplier or with other suppliers. This is an advantage for seller under CPT delivery terms.


03. The exporter under CPT terms takes care of export customs clearance, export duties and taxes, export documentation and other export government requirements, in an international business, exporter gains sound experience and knowledge in handling similar shipments with same buyers or different buyers of any other country. This is a benefit for exporter when contract of carriage is CPT.


04. Another advantage for exporter is that under CPT delivery terms, since the seller appoints main carrier of goods, he controls over main carriage.

05.The exporter need not worry about the destination import process, government rules and regulations in importing country under delivery of goods to buyer under CPT terms of delivery in export import trade. This is another benefit for exporter under CPT terms.

06. One of the other merits for exporter under CPT terms is that the seller’s liability on costs to move goods under CPT terms ends at the named place agreed under contract of carriage and on carriage is taken care by the buyer. 


07. In an import export business, under CPT terms, the exporter holds control over the Export General Manifest and other export data. This is an advantage for seller under CPT terms of delivery.


08. Another merit under CPT terms for exporter is that the risk of unloading at buyer’s place is under the risk of buyer and seller is free from such responsibility under CPT deliver terms.


09. CPT delivery term is convenient to move goods by air, dry ports, warehouse to warehouse, LCL consolidation, Inland Dry ports and other intermediaries.    The seller takes fewer risks than the costs involved in such movements, which is an advantage for Seller. This is another advantage to the exporter under CPT terms.


Have you satisfied with the above details on advantages to buyer when delivery terms are on CPT basis?

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