Level of Computerization under GST

Level of Computerization Means


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Level of Computerization

In order to keep all the dealers up dated about latest provisions of GST, it is necessary that all State Government’s tax department keep their website updated on daily basis. All Circulars and Notifications of the department should be uploaded on the website, beside mailing to Trade Associations.

The requirement to have E-Registration in IGST will prove to be counterproductive in particular for small traders. So the, provision of E-compliance as pre-condition for IGST transactions will be too harsh for compliance by small dealers as the level of computerization amongst traders is very low.

 It is suggested that apart from E-compliance, the manual compliance should also be made applicable in initial period. Besides, an extensive campaign should be launched in cooperation with Trade Associations to educate the traders about the need of computerization. Over and above a scheme should be evolved to make available Computers and its accessories to traders.

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