Importance of After-sales Service

Significance of providing efficient after-sales service in Export Business


Competition is common in every field. Every market may definitely experience competition. The success of a product in the market and their further growth depends on the quality, price and also service given after the sales happened in accordance with the convenience of buyer. Understanding and targeting the needs of final customer and fulfilling these needs by the most competitive way and by adding value to one’s services is essential. This is so because all sell the same products with minor changes, but what make the difference are the method and the value added services one given to the final consumers. If openly speaks, making an export company is an easy process, but making it successful and long lasting export company is a very difficult task.


Now have a look into After Sales Service,


What is After Sales Service?


In simple words, after sales service refers to all the things a seller (business) give or do for the care and feeding of their valued customers after they have bought something.

After sales service refers to various processes which ensure clients are satisfied with the products and services of the company. After sales service plays a critical role in consumer loyalty and customer retention. It also plays a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between the organization and customers. After-sales service consists what you do at the point of sale, including your customer service and selling techniques. Sometimes it can be information about anything related. It likewise incorporates how you follow up after the customer has left, like providing follow-up contact and viably dealing with complaints.

Each foreign market offers a unique opportunity for the exporter. Care and consideration regarding the improvement of in-country sales and distribution capabilities is very important. Service is an important factor in the initial export sale and ongoing success of products in foreign markets. Delivery of after-sales service is basic to the near- and long-term success of the company's endeavors in any market. Properly handled, service can be a foundation for growth. If proper service is not given after sales as the purchaser expects, consequent product offerings will be less effective as buyers review the inability to provide expected levels of service.

All foreign markets are sophisticated, and each has its own expectations of suppliers and vendors. Manufacturers or distributors should in this way guarantee that their service performance is comparable to that of the significant competitors in the market. This level of performance is an important determinant in ensuring a reasonable competitive position, given the other factors of product quality, price, promotion, and delivery. Service varies by the product type, the quality of the product, the price of the product, and the distribution channel employed.


Your company has many options for the delivery of service to foreign buyers.

Outsourcing after Sales Service in the exporting country to a local Dealer there or by own Establishment is generally followed by foreign companies. Build trust with the local partners and let their service handle local issues.

Finding and use local service facilities are a preferred service option for goods sold at retail outlets. This may incur front-end expenses to identify and train local service outlets, but such costs are more than repaid in the long run. With this, the company is seen to be a local company that competes on parallel balance with domestic manufacturers. Exporters can use this illustration when entering foreign markets.


Foreign buyers of locally-manufactured products typically have limited contact with the manufacturer or its personnel. The Foreign Service facility is, in fact, one of the major contact points between the exporter and the buyer. To a great extent, the manufacturer's reputation is made by the overseas service facility.




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