GST REG-30 ,Form for Field Visit Report


Form for Field Visit Report 




Name of the Officer:- << to be prefilled>> Date of Submission of Report:- Name of the taxable person GSTIN/Unique ID Number – Task Assigned by:- < Name of the Authority- to be prefilled> Date and Time of Assignment of task:- < System date and time>
Sr. No. Particulars Input 1. Date of Visit 2. Time of Visit 3. Location details : Latitude Longitude North – Bounded By South – Bounded By West – Bounded By East – Bounded By 4. Whether address is same as mentioned in application. Y / N 5. Particulars of the person available at the time of visit (i) Name (ii) Father’s Name (iii) Residential Address (iv) Mobile Number (v) Designation / Status (vi) Relationship with taxable person, if applicable. 6. Functioning status of the business Functioning - Y / N 7. Details of the premises Open Space Area (in sq m.) - (approx.) Covered Space Area (in sq m.) - (approx.) Floor on which business premises located 8. Documents verified Yes/No
9. Upload photograph of the place with the person who is present at the place where site verification is conducted. 10. Comments (not more than < 1000 characters> Signature Place: Name of the Officer: Date: Designation: Jurisdiction:




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