Union Budget 2015-16, Reduction of Customs SAD on melting scrap of iron or steel, stainless steel scrap for the purpose of melting, copper scrap, brass scrap and aluminium scrap


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Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 2016-17

Customs Import duty on copper scrap, brass scrap and aluminium scrap etc is reduced under Harmonized Tariff System code Chapter 74 & 76.


budget12 copyThe following chapters under Harmonised System code have been reduced in import duty as per new budget 2015-16:

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Please find below the extract of government notification:

“Special Additional Duty of Customs (SAD) on melting scrap of iron or steel, stainless steel scrap for the purpose of melting, copper scrap, brass scrap and aluminium scrap is being reduced from 4% to 2%. Notification No.21/2012-Customs, dated 17th March, 2012 as amended by notification No.11/2015-Customs, dated the 1st March 2015 [new S. Nos. 78A, 79A and 79B] refers.”


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Discuss your views about the reduction on import duty for copper scrap, brass scrap and aluminium scrap etc .


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TEJAL: what is the import policy of Import of Brass Scrap???

rahul jain: want to import duty on s.s scrap 304 in india

Santosh Darvatkar: Dear Sir, SAD is charged 4% instead of 2% while importing Heavy Melting Scrap by mistake. What will be the corrective action. please explain. Whether 4% credit will be allowed for manufacturer. Regards.

Mamata Awasthi: Wanted to know the duties on export of copper scrap in 2 cases- 1] If the scrap is of Indian Origin 2] If the scrap is an imported from a country and further exported to any other country.

Santosh Shinde: We are an all types of scrap buyer group in Latur (Maharashtra) & well settled business going on the name of DDInternational co., so we are thinking to import copper or iron scrap from neighboring countries, so can you consult us regarding import copper or iron scrap.

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