Indian Budget 2015-16, Rationalizing subsidy?

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Customs duty tariff rate changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Central Excise Duty changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Service Tax rate tariff Changes under Indian Budget 2017-18

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Budget 2016-17 changes in customs import duty tariff,excise duty and service tax

Indian Union Budget 2016-2017, changes in import customs tax tariff, chapter wise

Indian Budget 2016-17, Excise duty tariff changes, chapter wise

Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 2016-17 

Should subsidy be an economic inefficiency?

Indian budget 2015-16, Rationalizing subsidy for social reformsThe Indian Union Budget is being declared on 28th February 2015 at 11AM in Indian Parliament. 

The finance ministry has planned to come out with more steps to rationalize subsidies with valuable suggestions and support of Expenditure Management Commission, an official said.  Government expects such recommendations from Expenditure Management Commission for rationalizing subsidies in various sectors.

The linking of diesel prices with market price is a good move of government’s decision to reduce the subsidy burden of the government.  The direct cash subsidy extended to LPG customers in select cities another pilot based move.  RBI suggested steps hopes to bring down the fiscal deficit of country by rationalizing subsidies in different sectors.

According to me subsidy should be for social reforms and should not be economic inefficiency.  

Do you wish to discuss about  Budget 2015-16 in terms of rationalizing subsidy?  Comment below your thoughts about Indian Budget 2015-16  and your suggestions subsidy rationalizing.
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Indian Budget 2015-16, Import Customs Duty Changes, chapter wise  

Indian Budget 2015-16, Central Excise Duty Changes, chapter wise

Service Tax Changes as per Indian Union Budget 2015-16


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