Changes in Skill India., of Budget 2015-2016

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Customs duty tariff rate changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Central Excise Duty changes as per Indian Budget 2017-18

Service Tax rate tariff Changes under Indian Budget 2017-18

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Budget 2016-17 changes in customs import duty tariff,excise duty and service tax

Indian Union Budget 2016-2017, changes in import customs tax tariff, chapter wise

Indian Budget 2016-17, Excise duty tariff changes, chapter wise

Changes in Service Tax as per Budget 2016-17 

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Indian Budget 2015-16, Import Customs Duty Changes, chapter wise  

Indian Budget 2015-16, Central Excise Duty Changes, chapter wise

Service Tax Changes as per Indian Union Budget 2015-16

INDIAN BUDGET 2015-2016 , changes in Skill India.


Less than 5% of our potential work force gets formal skill training to be employable.

A national skill mission to consolidate skill initiatives spread accross several ministries to be launched.

budget30 copyDeen Dayal Upadhyay Gramin Kaushal Yojana to enhance the employability of rural youth.

A Committee for 100th birth celebration of Shri Deen Dayalji Upadhyay to be announced soon.

A student Financial Aid Authority to administer and monitor the front-end all scholarship

as well Educational Loan Schemes, through the Pradhan Mantri Vidya Lakshmi


An IIT to be set up in Karnataka and Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad to be upgraded in to a full-fledged IIT.

New All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) to be set up in J&K, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh and Assam. Another AIIMS like institutions to be set up in Bihar.

A post graduate institute of Horticulture Research & Education is to be set up in Amritsar.

3 new National Institute of Pharmaceuticals Education and Research in Maharashtra, Rajasthan & Chattisgarh and one institute of Science and Education Research is to be set up in Nagaland & Orissa each.

An autonomous Bank Board Bureau to be set up to improve the governance of public sector bank.

The National Optical Fibre Network Programme (NOFNP) to be further speeded up by allowing willing states to execute on reimbursement of cost basis.

Special assistance to Bihar & West Bengal to be provided as in the case of Andhra Pradesh.

Government is committed to comply with all the legal commitments made to AP & Telengana at the time of their re-organisation.



Inspite of large increase in devolution to state sufficient fund allocated to education, health, rural development, housing, urban development, women and child development, water resources & cleaning of Ganga.

Part of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC); Ahmedabad-Dhaulera Investment region and Shendra-Bidkin Industrial Park are now in a position to start work on basic infrastructure.

Made in India and the Buy and the make in India policy are being carefully pursued to achieve greater self-sufficiency in the area of defence equipment including air-craft.

The first phase of GIFT to become a reality very soon. Appropriate regulations to be issued in March.


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Indian Budget 2015-16, Import Customs Duty Changes, chapter wise  

Indian Budget 2015-16, Central Excise Duty Changes, chapter wise

Service Tax Changes as per Indian Union Budget 2015-16


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